3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown

Yesterday, Ruben Spruijt (@rspruijt), Shawn Bass (@shawnbass) and I published our brand new whitepaper “3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown”. Our intention is to provide an independent overview of GPU-accelerated desktop virtualization solutions and products. Like Ruben and Shawn, I’m absolutely convinced that accelerating the remoting of 3D graphics by hardware is a game changer in our industry. Running high-end CAD/CAM application in virtual desktops and gaming from the cloud are only two of the most obvious use cases. But there are many more, leveraging greater flexibility at work, seamless application integration, improved security and control, and advanced Bring Your Own scenarios. Even though suitable GPUs are still expensive today, prices will drop after a while and most certainly make GPU-accelerated remoting a commodity. Now is the time to investigate the opportunities this hot technology brings to enterprises and public administrations, allowing you to make smart decisions in the near future. Find more details about the whitepaper on BrianMadden.com. The complete, unbiased and independent whitepaper can be downloaded here.

This is what the well-known industry expert Brian Madden, www.brianmadden.com, says about the whitepaper: “This paper is great because who has the time to go research all these things one-by-one, let alone actually set them up and take measurements? (Well, these guys do I guess!) I love that they go into the background of how 3D graphics are used in desktop virtualization today, like how GPUs and APUs work, how the different types of GPU virtualization work, etc. They also cover the details of how the various remoting protocols work, like client-side versus host-side rendering, GDI remoting, etc. Really anyone who’s delivering remote Windows desktops needs to read this paper.”

Ruben, Shawn and I also started a new community group called TeamRGE, Team Remoting Graphics Experts. Our goal is to share unbiased and independent information around ‘3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops’ through whitepapers, books, videos, blogs and share the presentations we gave at various (international) events. More content will follow soon.