ReconnAct Added to Immidio Resource Kit

Today Immidio announced that they added a new tool to their free Resource Kit. The new tool’s name is ReconnAct, which may sound familiar to members of the Terminal Server community. The earlier versions of ReconnAct were developed by Dennis Damen from Login Consultants, who was kind enough to allow Immidio to continue the development.

ReconnAct allows the execution of scripts when a user disconnects from a remote session and when he reconnects to his session later. What can a smart IT administrator do with such functionality? There are many scenarios where a remote desktop user requires configuration setting modifications when disconnecting and reconnecting. When reconnecting from a different location, ReconnAct allows the adaptation of printer settings. When reconnecting from a different client platform, ReconnAct enables the modification of user workspace settings.

Besides ReconnAct 1.4.1, the Immidio Resource Kit includes three more tools:

  1. Registry TimeStamper – View and modify the time stamp associated to a registry key (essential for all those who want to control the “shadow key area”)
  2. App-V-Ping – Check if a virtualized application server is still available
  3. TsMode – Check basic API functions and registry values relevant for Terminal Servers.

To download the latest version of the free Immidio Resource Kit go to the Immidio website (download requires registration).

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