What did I learn at MVP Summit 2009?

I’m back home from MVP Summit 2009 in Redmond. And man, I liked it. It was good to meet with the Terminal Services product team and with my fellow MVPs again. Here are the most important lessons I learned:

  1. As I said in my last post, Microsoft adds those features to Terminal Services they think make it a better platform. No big surprises, just straight forward thinking and — as expected — improving both quality and performance. However, they still rely on add-on products to make it suitable for all customer scenarios. This is also no big surprise, because a platform addressing millions and millions of potential desktops cannot be perfect for everyone.
  2. “Terminal Services” is dead, long live “Remote Desktop Services” and the RDP protocol, that seems to silently sneek into so many Microsoft products. “VDI” is dead, long live “Remote Desktop Virtualization”.
  3. I shared a hotel room with Brian Madden and I learned what it takes to record these Brian Madden TV videos…

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose details of the upcoming Windows Server 2008 R2 RDS features. My MVP non-disclosure agreement prevents this. But I tell you, it’s worth waiting…

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