Good bye Immidio – hello AppSense

As some of you may already know I will be leaving Immidio by the end of this year. In January 2011 I will be joining AppSense. What’s the reason for this move? I really enjoyed my time at Immidio after it was spun off from Login Consultants. Helping to build a new company and new products may be challenging sometimes, but it’s also a lot of fun for a “creator” like me. Flex Profiles was an ideal freeware tool to start with and convert it into a successful commercial Immidio product. Now that the initial Immidio start-up phase is over I thought it’s time to move on and leave it to business managers to bring Immidio to the next level.

At the same time AppSense offered me an attractive position. They asked me to join them as a Technical Director in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also called the DACH region. In addition they want me to contribute to their Office of CTOs which is responsible for the corporate technical strategy. I truly believe in the growing relevance of user experience enhancements as a central IT success factor, making the notion of “user virtualization” a hot topic with a lot of room for great innovations and improvements. AppSense is a top player in this particular market which makes this company an ideal place to work for me.

But there’s more. AppSense agrees with me that community work is essential to stay in touch with customers and technology experts from the field in order to learn about the real end user requirements. This is why they allow me to contribute a substantial part of my working time to community activities such as vendor-independent benchmarking, blogging, speaking at conferences and teaching expert classes.

Now I’m really looking forward to start working for AppSense after the Christmas break.