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When I started working as a technical director for AppSense at the beginning of 2011, the deal was that I can use a good part of my working time for contributing to the RDS/VDI expert community in a vendor-independent manner. What this means is that AppSense is paying me for doing stuff that is not necessarily related to only AppSense products, like looking into the technology behind Microsoft desktop virtualization, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop or VMware VDI. But when our new Area Vice President Central Europe Stefan Hoelzl joined AppSense last April, we agreed on a temporary change of my job description. My new role was focused on building a strong technical team in Stefan’s territory as fast as possible. But he also said that he wants me to do this only for a limited time span and then return to my initial role.

So for the last nine months I was absorbed by restructuring and growing the AppSense professional services and presales team in Central Europe. As you can imagine, managing a fast growing number of technology experts didn’t leave me as much time as I sometimes wished for digging into technologies outside the scope of AppSense. But I can tell you that I had a great time doing this job, working with some great techies on my team.

In December we hired Georg Theunissen as our new director heading this technical team in Central Europe. Now, after the transition from me to him as the team lead, I’m back to what I like most: Digging into virtualization technologies and evangelizing other experts. As a technical director and a member of the global office of CTO at AppSense it’s one of my primary objectives looking at hot virtualization products. This means that I can spend more time digging into virtual desktops and remoting protocols again – and share my findings and opinions with the community.

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