Spring Conference Season Kick-Off

Only a couple of more days and it’s time to kick off the spring 2014 conference season. Over the next weeks I have a full slate of appearances at upcoming technology events. It all starts March 10 to 13 at the CeBIT computer expo in Hannover, Germany. I will present four sessions on the IT Pro stage at the Microsoft booth in hall 4. My session topics are hardware-accelerated graphics performance over RemoteFX and using PowerShell for automating the installation of RDS lab environments on Hyper-V. Only one day later, on March 14, I will be on a visit to the Dutch Citrix User Group in Amsterdam, presenting a session on “GPU-accelerated high-end graphics performance in Citrix XenServer/XenDesktop environments”.

But this is only the beginning. Next on my list is NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose from March 24 to 27. Together with Shawn Bass and Ruben Spruijt I have the pleasure to present two sessions on GPU-accelerated graphics remoting, for details check out www.gputechconf.com. I’m looking forward to come to NVIDIA GTC for the first time, it’s like coming back home to the heart of computer graphics. Some 20 years ago, I started my professional career in computer graphics research, so I’m really exited to attend GTC.

Citrix have invited me to co-present three sessions at Synergy in Anaheim from May 6 to 8: “Comparing GPU- accelerated high-end graphics performance of virtual desktop platforms” together with Shawn Bass, “Delivering seamless remote applications – Citrix Published Applications versus Microsoft RemoteApp” together with Nico Luedemann, and “Smackdown on hardware graphics solutions for VDI: 2014 edition” together with Ruben Spruijt and Shawn Bass. Find more information at www.citrixsynergy.com.

There is more. Another session is scheduled for E2EVC in Brussels on May 30 to June 2. In the second week of June I will be speaking at the Norwegian CUGtech conference in Tjome, again together with Nico Luedemann. Several session proposals for BriForum London and BriFoum Boston are also in the pipeline. I hope that one or the other gets accepted.

Only the Microsoft TechEd organizers don’t like my session proposals. This time, I submitted four proposals, covering a range of topics around GPU-accelerated remoting, RemoteApp on Azure, client Hyper-V and desktop performance in hybrid clouds. But they were all declined. I know, however, that I’m not the only one, nobody from our community was accepted for TechEd Houston – not Shawn Bass, not Ruben Spruijt, not Greg Shields. But still, I would have liked to be a TechEd speaker again. Well, I decided that I want to attend TechEd in Houston, independently of speaking there or not.

In addition to that, I will do a number of presentations for bluecue consulting over the next weeks and months. Most certainly, this will be an interesting spring. I hope to see many of you at one of the events.