SenseConnector Videos

As you may know from previous articles, SenseConnector is a remote connection manager I’m using in my test lab and when demoing during public presentations. This tool has a uniquely designed user interface und it was custom-developed by Jozsef Gorzas from Sense GmbH according to my personal needs – and you may also find it useful when building proof-of-concept environments or demoing in front of an audience. Design goals were a simple user interface, PowerShell scripting capabilities, easy management of multi-node environments and support of Hyper-V, Azure and ESX/vSphere. Now I have recorded two short videos that demonstrate how to install SenseConnector and how to use it with Hyper-V.

BTW, you can download SenseConnector here, it comes with an unrestricted trial license for a 90-day evaluation period. If you like it and want to buy, the perpetual license for a single device is only 25€ or $35. But first check out the videos.

Video 1: Installing SenseConnector. This video walks you through the installation and licensing steps of SenseConnector 1.2, a remote session manager that supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure and VMware ESX/vSphere.


Video 2: Using Hyper-V Nodes with SenseConnector. Learn how to configure Hyper-V nodes, manage logon credentials, connect to sessions and start/save VMs.

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