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Microsoft WVD and IGEL UD3 Remote End-user Experience with GPUs

Benny Tritsch 22 Mar 2020

People often compare the experience they get using a physical workstation with the experience they get when working in a Remote Desktop session environment – but they forget that almost all physical workstations and even laptops these days contain a GPU. They forget to add a GPU to their remote desktop session hosts and are surprised by the less-than-stellar user experience. Comparing a GPU-backed user experience to one that only uses the CPU is comparing apples to oranges.

This benchmarking test first compares user experience of working on a physical workstation versus the user experience of connecting to a WVD environment using the new IGEL UD3 thin client. The physical workstation has a GPU while the WVD session only emulates a GPU (uses the CPU as a GPU). Then they compared the same physical workstation user experience versus a WVD environment that utilizes a GPU.