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ControlUp Ultimate Labs: ACME with Marcel Calef

Benny Tritsch 21 Oct 2021

I work part time as an independent contractor for ControlUp. In my role as a Technical Evangelist, I write blog articles published on their website and produce videos for the ControlUp YouTube channel. My blog series "ControlUp Ultimate Labs" is based on interwiews with industry experts where we discuss how they design and build their EUC test and demo labs - and sharing their best tips and tricks with the public.

Ever wonder how you build an EUC demo lab for a group of 10+ pre-sales engineers spread all over North America? If you’ve ever attended a ControlUp demo shown in an online presentation, it’s likely that you have seen the ControlUp ACME EUC lab in action. Marcel Calef, ControlUp’s Pre-Sales Team Leader, is responsible for this lab infrastructure.

Read the full article on the ControlUp blog

Below is the ControlUp Ultimate Labs video featuring Marcel Calef, published on YouTube.