E2EVC 2021 in Lisbon

My Presentation at E2EVC 2021 in Lisbon

Benny Tritsch 16 Nov 2021

A couple of days ago, I attended the E2EVC 2021 community event in Lisbon. It was great meeting face-to-face again with many community fellows. And it was the first time I was able to present the EUC Score toolset at E2EVC as an official event sponsor. The title of my session was "Simulated Workloads for Community Benchmarks". It was an update of the session I had already presentated in front of a handful people at E2EVC in Hamburg a couple of months before. The entire EUC Score toolset covered in the presentations is free of charge for those who run non-commercial digital experience benchmarks and make the results publicly available. It's from the community for the community.

After my session, one of the attendees asked me what the target platforms are for the simulated workloads included in the EUC Score toolset. The answer is: Physical Windows machines, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VMware Horizon, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Parallels Remote Application Server, and any other Windows virtual desktop. So it's the entire spectrum of platforms allowing users to work with Windows desktops and applications.

Other attendees asked me to share my slide deck. Well, here is the PDF. If you want to comment, please do so through Twitter, using my handle @drtritsch.