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EUC Score 22.01 Toolset Release

Benny Tritsch 17 Jan 2022

Earlier today, version 22.01 of my EUC Score toolset was released publicly. EUC Score provides everything you need for vendor-independent end-user computing (EUC) performance benchmarking - organized, valid and repeatable. The underlying method builds on the combination of running simulated workloads (= Simloads), capturing screen videos, collecting telemetry data and visualizing the results in a unique way. If you are an individual or a small organization producing EUC benchmarking content and sharing it publicly at no cost, you can request access to the EUC Score toolset as part of a non-commercial Community Subscription that is free of charge.

Version 22.01 is a major release of the EUC Score toolset and there is no update path from previous versions. This means that if you have an earlier version, you'll need to uninstall it first before deploying version 22.01. But there are a number of good reasons that speak for the new version:

  • New EUC Score toolset documentation pages.
  • There is a new Avatar tray application with a built-in telemetry data collector.
  • JPEG View Simloads as replacement for Microsoft Paint that is not available in Windows 11 anymore.
  • New mechanisms for interrupting and terminating Simloads during runtime.