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TeamRGE Hybrid Event Spring 2024

Benny Tritsch 7 Mar 2024

TeamRGE Event, 15 February 2024, Beverwijk, Netherlands

TeamRGE is a community group of industry experts with focus on Remoting Graphics for Virtual Desktops and Applications. The goal of this group of community leaders and overall geeks is to share unbiased and independent knowledge via blog posts, white papers, videos and presentations at local and international events.

You can find abstracts, slide decks and videos of all sessions at


Opening Keynote - Two voices, one future - End User Computing, DaaS and GPU trends for 2024

Dr. Benny Tritsch and Ruben Spruijt, Dizzion Field CTO will kick off this year's TeamRGE event with an overview of the latest developments in GPUs, Remoting Protocols, VDI, DaaS, collaboration, DEX and AI. You will hear about the latest trends, receive an overview of AMD, Intel, NVIDIA GPUs in public cloud and on-premises and the latest with regards to Amazon, Citrix, Dizzion, Microsoft, VMware and learn more about the technology that will be the future of End User Computing. It's a can't miss, zero-fluff, and information-packed session.

Click on this link to open or download the slide deck PDF.


The best free tools to analyze user experience with GPU-enabled VMs

On his mission to produce repeatable benchmarking test results, Benny Tritsch uses a range of products and tools when investigating the influence of different VM types, GPU acceleration, noisy neighbors, varying network conditions and different remoting protocol settings. In his session, Benny walks you through his top ten list of free tools.

Click on this link to open or download the slide deck PDF.