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My Presentation at EUC Forum March 2024 in London

Benny Tritsch 29 Mar 2024

EUC Forum UK, 26 March 2024, London, UK

The home of end user computing topics and presentations, all are welcome to join a fun and friendly event with an open forum for listening and learning. Events are organised by the community, for the community. Speaking sessions are openly contributed by community members to share individual experience and knowledge. Previously, the UK AVD User Group and UK Citrix User Group focused on specific areas of EUC but as the EUC Forum we have come together to deliver a much broader and rich platform to discuss all things EUC.


Digital Workspace Myths Debunked - The Science Of Remote Windows Desktop Performance

"What perceived user experience can we expect?" Why not use science instead of believing in myths when answering this question? Dr. Benny Tritsch has a background as CERN physicist and computer scientist specialized in graphics remoting and benchmarking. In his session you will learn how to apply scientific methods to End User Computing (EUC) and how to define the quality criteria of perceived user experience. This includes theory and practice of human perception, of audio and video encoding, of network latency and packet loss, of time measurements in experiments, and of drawing the right conclusions. This is popular science for IT geeks, including many demos and examples!

Click on the slide below to open or download the PDF.

Tritsch - Science of RDS Performance - EUC Forum 2024 London