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My Presentation at EUC Unplugged 2024 in Scottsdale

Benny Tritsch 30 Apr 2024

EUC Unplugged, 20 April 2024, Scottsdale, Arizona, US

EUC Unplugged uses Open Space Meeting Technology - this allows attendees to form sessions that are most meaningful to them. Extra curricular activities provide a wide range of relaxing, challenging and unusual new experiences.


How to measure DEX

Gartner defines Digital Employee Experience (DEX) as a strategy that focuses on employees, their experience, and their use of technology. But what are the DEX quality criteria from a user's perspective and how can you measure them?

Click on this link or the photo below to open or download the slide deck PDF.

Tritsch - How to measure DEX - EUC Unplugged 2024 Scottsdale