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My Presentations at E2EVC 2024 in Madrid

Benny Tritsch 10 May 2024

E2EVC, 3-5 May 2024, Madrid, Spain

Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference is a series of worldwide non-commercial, virtualization community Events. Our main goal is to bring the best virtualization experts together to exchange knowledge and to establish new connections. E2EVC is a weekend crammed with presentations, Master Classes and discussions delivered by both virtualization vendors' product teams and independent experts.


DEX4DaaS - Measuring and comparing perceived remote desktop user experience in a Cloud PC era

"What perceived digital employee experience (DEX) can we expect?" If you want to measure and score DEX in remote or local Windows desktops, you need the right methodology and toolset. In this session, Benny Tritsch walks you through exiting new EUC Score community results he has collected over the last few weeks and months.

Click on the slide below to open or download the PDF.

Tritsch - DEX4DaaS - E2EVC 2024 Madrid


Hands-on - How to record and visualize Windows performance counters and screen videos

Trustworthy scientific methodology instead of guesswork - show me the data: How to collect the telemetry data of a Windows system under test and record screen videos for later analysis. In this session Benny Tritsch shows how to tap into the Windows Performance Counter System and how to use frame grabbers and screen recorders. The icing on the cake is the visualization of this data.

Click on the slide below to open or download the PDF.

Tritsch - Hands-on Perf Counters and Screen Videos - E2EVC 2024 Madrid