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My Presentation at ECS 2024 in Wiesbaden

Benny Tritsch 17 May 2024

European Cloud Conference, 14-16 May 2024, Wiesbaden, Germany


Comparing digital employee experience - Azure Virtual Desktop versus on-prem Windows desktops

"What perceived user experience can we expect when we start using Azure Virtual Desktop?" This is a common question many potential customers are asking themselves - and it is not easy to answer. On his mission to eliminate guesswork, Enterprise Mobility MVP Benny Tritsch thought that it's time for some solid facts. He created Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PC setups that allow him to run reproducible performance tests using his community benchmarking toolset “EUC Score”. The resulting "digital employee experience" scores and screen recordings allow for an unbiased analysis of both system performance and perceived user experience. Finally, Benny compares the results with reference setups in his lab, including physical Windows PCs and remote desktop connections over LAN.

Click on the slide below to open or download the PDF.

Tritsch - AVD versus On-Prem Windows - ECS 2024 Wiesbaden