Book: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

Get essential guidance on how to configure and manage thin-client application servers and centralized applications—and help reduce ownership costs—using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services.

Author: Bernhard Tritsch
ISBN: 0-7356-1904-2
Published: December 2003
Publisher: Microsoft Press, Book and CD-ROM
Pages: 608
Price: 49,99 US$

About the Book

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services, published by Microsoft Press

The definitive resource for configuring and managing centralized applications with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services.

Get the definitive technical guidance you need to use Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services to deliver Microsoft Windows®–based applications, or the Windows desktop itself, to virtually any computing device—and maximize the efficiency of your server system. Delve into the fundamentals—system architecture, hardware and network requirements, system installation, and user and group management—and move up to advanced system administration topics, including optimizing applications, modifying the registry, security options, scripting, Terminal Server analysis tools, stability, and scalability. Learn how to extend your system using Citrix MetaFrame and server farms. Discover how to set up Web-based application access portals, including integration with the Microsoft .NET Framework, and review real-world practices for implementing Terminal Services in production environments. In-depth, focused, and hands-on, this book provides everything IT professionals need to help maximize the productivity of their enterprise server systems and reduce ownership and support costs.

Table of Content

  1. The Concept of Terminal Services
  2. Installation and Configuration
  3. Communication Protocols and Thin Clients
  4. Administration and Operation
  5. Integrating Applications
  6. Registry
  7. Scripting
  8. Security and Stability
  9. Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server
  10. Administration of Citrix MetaFrame Servers
  11. Resource Management in Server Farms
  12. Web Access to Terminal Server Applications
  13. Application Access Portals
  14. Optimization and Troubleshooting
  15. How to Plan Production Environments