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Microsoft FSLogix Workshop


Module 1: FSLogix Components and Getting Started Guide [4 hours]

  • FSLogix Design Concepts and Capabilities
  • FSLogix Filter Drivers and Services
  • FSLogix Deployment, Licensing, and Logging
  • FSLogix for Virtual Desktops, Cloud Workstations and Local PCs
  • FSLogix Profile Container Quick Start


Module 2: FSLogix Profile Container [4 hours]

  • Managing and Redirecting Windows User Profiles
  • FSLogix Profile Container Settings and Best Practices
  • Active Directory Integration
  • FSLogix Disk Management and VHD Disk Compaction
  • Profile Container Command-Line Options


Module 3: Office Containers and Cloud Cache [4 hours]

  • Microsoft Office (365) Integration
  • FSLogix Office Container Settings and Best Practices
  • FSLogix Container Scalability and High Availability
  • Cloud Cache Introduction and Configuration
  • Read-Only Application File Containers
  • Container Logging and Diagnostics


Module 4: Application Masking [4 hours]

  • Introduction to Windows Application Management
  • Installing the Apps Rule Editor
  • Configuring App Masking
  • App Masking Best Practices
  • App Masking Command-Line Options