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Testing Citrix Cloud and VMware TestDrive

Benny Tritsch 29 December 2022

Throughout 2022, I used the EUC Score toolset to check out some of the most popular end-user computing solutions. Not surprisingly, Citrix Cloud and VMware Horizon were high on my list. Now at the end of this year, I want to share some test results I collected in Citrix Cloud on Azure and VMware TestDrive.

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ControlUp Ultimate Labs with Sam Legrand

Benny Tritsch 2 February 2022

This ControlUp Ultimate Labs blog article and YouTube video features independent consultant and Citrix CTP Sam Legrand. He has a terrific home lab setup that strikes just the right balance between performance and family compatibility, taking success criteria, such as noise, heat (or cooling), cabling, location in the flat, power consumption, acceptable lab time / work hours, and budget into consideration.

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EUC Score 22.01 Toolset Release

Benny Tritsch 17 January 2022

Earlier today, version 22.01 of my EUC Score toolset was released publicly. EUC Score provides everything you need for vendor-independent end-user computing (EUC) performance benchmarking - organized, valid and repeatable. The underlying method builds on the combination of running simulated workloads (= Simloads), capturing screen videos, collecting telemetry data and visualizing the results in a unique way.

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Goodbye WordPress. Hello static website!

Benny Tritsch 22 December 2021

WordPress has served me well for many years. But recently, due to massive waves of attacks on my website, I've spent too much time troubleshooting and fixing site issues. And I’ve not liked the fact that my content has been stored in a MySQL database. So I decided to migrate to a static website, only using a nice HTML theme, CSS, open source JavaScript libraries and some PowerShell scripts for maintenance.

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My favorite videos


Video Thumbnail ControlUp Ultimate Labs: A Home Lab in Paris with Sam Legrand: This ControlUp Ultimate Labs blog article and YouTube video features independent consultant and Citrix CTP Sam Legrand with his terrific home lab setup.
Video Thumbnail ControlUp Ultimate Labs: ACME with Marcel Calef: If you’ve ever attended a ControlUp demo shown in an online presentation, it’s likely that you have seen the ControlUp ACME EUC lab in action. Marcel Calef, ControlUp’s Pre-Sales Team Leader, is responsible for this lab infrastructure. Watch him share some tips and tricks.
Video Thumbnail THRIVEcast Episode 56: In July 2021 D.J. Eshelman and Jeff Pitsch invited me to join them for THRIVEcast episode 56.
Video Thumbnail Digital Employee Experience Management for the Work-From-Anywhere Er: Watch my conversation with Bjørn Uddal, Director Consulting at Move, about digital employee experience (DEX) management . We covered both the ControlUp product offering and the EUC Score benchmarking activities in this context.
Video Thumbnail Exploring Perceived WVD User Experience: My presentation on perceived user experience at Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop (second edition) with almost 1100 live attendees.
Video Thumbnail My MVP conversation with Simon Townsend and Fredrik Brattstig: IGEL's Simon Townsend interviews new MVP Fredrik Brattstig and MVP veteran Benny Tritsch.
Video Thumbnail Microsoft WVD and IGEL UD3 Remote End-user Experience with GPUs: This benchmarking test compares user experience of working on a physical workstation versus the user experience of connecting to a WVD environment using the new IGEL UD3 thin client.